WordPress supports 360-degree pictures and videos.

I have been working with 360-degree content and video for the last 9 months or so, experimenting and figuring out the technology. I can finally now begin to show off some of my work with you now that WordPress has a built-in viewer.  So below I have uploaded a few images that you can view in 360-degrees on whichever device that is applicable to yourself. Just click on the button and they will appear.  I hope you enjoy them and look out for more in the coming weeks. 

This is a graphic I produced for an upcoming video I’m working on:

This is my final year project that I’m currently working on at the moment: 

Here are a few actual pictures I have been taking while on my travels. 

Well, hopefully that has given you a little taste and will keep you coming back to explore more of my work with 360-degree photography and VR. 

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