Until Dawn Rush of Blood VR

VR seems to nurture a hotbed of horror gaming experiences given the immersive nature of the technology and the popularity of First Person view narratives. Until Dawn Rush of Blood VR was one of the first on PlayStation VR to blend the two together to provide a chilling experience for users.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a spin-off from the popular teen slasher horror game Until Dawn which was released by SuperMassive Games back in August 2015. Using themes from the original game, Rush of Blood put you into a rollercoaster that takes you on a tour of horrific attractions and locations used in the original game. The player is tasked with shooting various enemies and objects to score points.  

While that might not seem exciting, Rush of Blood takes that shooting rollercoaster theme park attraction and turns it on its head to great effect. As the player in VR, you are able to look around and be terrified as jump scares plenty within the game and certain aspects will genuinely terrify you. Coupled with the rollercoaster element where you will more than likely suffer a bit of motion sickness and you have a rather interesting horror experience. 

There are game mechanics that will ensure that each time you play through you will experience something new such a different track routes and more. As far as horror games in VR go, this is a pretty good experience that you can easily get drawn into despite the fact it is an on rail shooter in first person view. This is a pretty good spin-off VR experience that will give you a few scares and should last gamers till the Until Dawn prequel The Inpatient releases in 2018. 

To find out what Until Dawn Rush of Blood is like to play, watch the video below: 

(caution, may contain some strong language). 

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