Trying Times

It has been an interesting time for journalists as the industry faces some tough questions and challenges ahead. The attack on the media industry by Donald Trump and people such as Pewdiepie has divided opinion publically about the trust in journalists. This is something I have struggled with morally to develop my own opinion on the matter without being divisive. As a result, I find myself in a position where I feel that posting or sharing my opinion on the issues at the moment is not a good idea given how raw the topic discussion is for so many at the moment. The only thing I will say is it really does highlight how misunderstood the role of journalists is publically.

On another note, I have been extremely busy this week with a project I have been working on since around February last year. The last few weeks have been a constant flurry of activity involving planning. Just yesterday, I and my fellow colleagues on the project finished our second week with another week still left to go.


Working on this project has to be a labour of love given the amount of work that is involved in our ambitious project. It has proved exhausting at times but it also has resulted in some fun times. It has rekindled my love of producing video content and working in television studios. the rush of completing a perfect take in thoroughly enjoyable and it seems that my colleagues have also found a new appreciation for the medium as you can see from some of the photos below.



It’s been a trying month with lots of project work and issues both national and international requiring a lot of self-reflection but there has been a lot of positives. In terms of my freelance work, it’s looking likely that some projects will be heading my way. My professional contacts network is still continuing to grow which is always great as it means meeting some fantastic and fascinating people. Finally, my plans to study for an MA is still on target, just a few things to finish up before that is complete.

So while it has been a month of trying times, there is a lot to be positive about going forward. Personally, I can wait to share more of our ongoing project with you all. You can keep up to date with our progress on that project on or follow it on twitter @NewRealityNET.  In the mean time I’ll keep pushing forward and if you have any opportunities that you might think my be of interest, then please do get in touch via the contact form.


*Photos courtesy of Berit Kuut*

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