Orwell the game

Privacy and concerns around data and privacy are discussions we have all had in recent years especially the fear of Government turning into a Big brother state. Orwell sets to explore those issues and present us with an insight as to what potentially happen in the future. Orwell explores the breaching of personal data to investigate and prevent acts of terrorism. 

The game places you in the hot seat of faceless outsider tasked with using the Orwell system to investigate citizens of another country in collusion with the government. You are given brief instructions as to how the system works and are then free to explore various characters within the story. You slowly gain more and more access to their personal information as you develop your investigation. 

Through your investigations you upload data to the Orwell system which will help develop the games story. Interestingly enough the system also uses an element of AI and human partnership to develop conclusions. The system however is not perfect and there are times where information will contradict itself allowing you to control the outcome. 

Orwell the game is an interesting game as it serves as a reminder about the issues regarding personal data and security. It raises the issue of the ends justifying the means in a way that is relevant in today’s world where all our devices are connected and are data is both extremely valuable and vulnerable. 

The narrative of the Orwell is certainly thought provoking and definitely a gaming experience that will make you question your perspectives on the topical issues. I wont spoil the conclusion of the story but Orwell definitely is a unique experience with a very smart narrative that will leave you wanting more at the conclusion of the story. 

In the video below you can see for yourself how the game and story develops and some of the issues that arise during your play through that make this a worth gaming experience to pick up: 

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