Nintendo announce new cardboard DIY toys

Many large retailers such as McDonalds and Iceland have been looking at new ways to reduce the amount of plastic they use across their business. Nintendo is the latest company to join the trend of reducing plastics in their products.

Birminghameastside reporters Rhiannon Davies and Victoria Oliveres have been recently looking in local solutions, schemes, and alternatives to using plastics.

Games console manufacturer Nintendo has come up with a brand new innovation called Nintendo Lado that could change the way that plastics are used in electronics and gaming devices globally.

The announcement revealed that in April, Nintendo will be shipping cardboard DIY gaming toys that enhance the way gamers play the Nintendo Switch.

Two kits are set to be released titled Variety Kit (rrp $69.99 / approx £52) and the Robo Kit (rrp $79.99 / approx £58).

The Variety Kit provides the DIY templates to create a piano, a finishing rod, 2 RC cars, a motorbike and a house complete with family.

The Robo Kit allows gamers to build themselves a DIY cardboard suit with pulls, hand grips and foot pedals for simulating in-game robot movement and limb control.

Both kits will come with specific Nintendo Switch software that will provide mini-games for the console designed for each toy that is built. All the cardboard toys will also be customizable with sticker sets to ensure that each cardboard creation is unique to the player.

As the toys are made out of cardboard, it should make them fully recyclable in the future, minimizing the plastic waste that you would expect from traditional toys and gaming console accessories.

Nintendo Labo is set to launch on the 20th April, however, it has not been confirmed yet if there will be any more DIY cardboard kits launching on the same day or in the future.

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