New horizons

It’s been a pretty hectic week and a half for me with plenty of things to keep me busy over the summer. 


Last Friday I had confirmation that I have been accepted onto a Masters course at Birmingham City University to study Multiplatforms and Mobile Journalism.

I’m extremely excited about this as it allows to to address some of the few weaknesses I have a professional journalist whilst continuing to build upon my strengths. 


It also gives me the opportunity to continue my research into areas such as community management and developing strategies for news and journalism to become a partnership between audiences and creators. 

It also means I can continue to develop my production skills and continue my research into the field of VR and 360-degree content and how that can be applied to various media industries including journalism. 


This confirmation was followed by my official graduation ceremony at the ICC in Birmingham. It was a fantastic occasion to celebrate with my family, peers and lecturers. At times it has felt like a long three years, but the reality is that the time has flown far too quickly.

I’ll talk about this more in another blog post as I’m still processing my thoughts and emotions on this. 

For the remainder of last week, I was then working in partnership with Olive Image Studio to promote their new documentary ‘Roof of the World’ which looks at the cultural aspects of Western China including developing a better understanding of Tibetan traditions. 

Its been an enjoyable project to work with in order to promote better understanding and the culmination of was highlighted by the exhibition tour – Experience China. 

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The biggest element that has keep me busy though the week has been my sisters wedding. It was a fantastic day of which I know I thoroughly enjoyed. I must reiterate my congratulations to them both once again, I know they will be extremely happy on their journey together as a new family. So with all that in mind, its back to Birmingham and beating the pavements for news stories and developing new partnerships and projects. I’ve been back less than 24 hrs and already, I have managed to achieve a lot of my to do list. 

When it comes to practicing journalism, there is as they say ‘no rest for the wicked’. At the very least, I have plenty to do as new adventures, journeys and self development opportunities emerge on a new horizon.

Roll on September!


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