Hire Intelligence gears up for Björk exhibition

Icelandic icon Björk has been causing a stir with a new virtual reality exhibition currently being held at Somerset House in London.


(photo credit: Andrew Thomas Huang)

The exhibition includes the artist’s various collaboration with several filmmakers and leading artists and is designed to give fans and attendees an insight into the mind and inner workings of the Icelandic pop stars mind. This includes Mouthmatra VR, a collaboration with director Jesse Kanda to capture intense footage from inside the singer’s mouth while she sings.

(non-VR version)

The exhibition is the first of it kind and represents a growth in the interest in virtual reality. While theme parks have been quick to adopt the technology for rides such as Galactica, this one of the first mass uses of VR headsets for an exhibition in the arts.

Hire Intelligence who specialise in equipment hire were brought into power the virtual reality exhibition and provide attendees with the specialist equipment need to provide a truly immersive experience.

Paul Johnson, General Manager of Hire Intelligence said:

“To be able to help Björk bring her incredible vision to life has been an absolute privilege for us.

We initially put together 90 sets of Samsung Gear VR headsets and Galaxy S7 phones for the Somerset House event, but we’ve just added another 90 sets for them to take on the global tour of this event over the next year, starting with Montreal”.


(photo credit: Santiago Felipe)

Hire Intelligence’s investment in increasing its equipment ensures that it is equipped to power future events. Björk’s collaboration with leading artists and programmers to showcase the unique ways in which virtual reality can be used is more than likely to encourage others to experiment in similar spaces.

Paul Johnson added:

Hire Intelligence has invested heavily in virtual reality technology, so is genuinely at the forefront of this space.

With the investment in the Samsung VR system and its Oculus Rift rental line, Hire Intelligence is now the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of virtual reality equipment.

Like Björk, we really believe in the power of this technology. It’s part of Hire Intelligence’s philosophy to continually be at the forefront when it comes to offering our clients access to the technology that is available”.

(compatible with google cardboard and other VR headsets)

With consumers being able to purchase Oculus Rift and the impending release of Playstation VR next week, virtual reality is set to be fresh in the minds of consumers.

Those not ready to invest in the technology at home can still see the value of experiencing the content through paid experiences by attending exhibitions such as Bjork Digital.

If you want to see Hire Intelligence’s VR setup and experience the Björk Digital exhibition for yourself, it will be running till the 23rd of October at Somerset House before embarking on its scheduled world tour.

For more details, you can visit the exhibition’s website at www.somersethouse.org.uk/visual-arts/bjork-digital.

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