Fire walk with me

Its been a while since I last posted a blog. This has been for some very good and positive reasons. I am pleased to say that I have now finished my three year BA in media and communication course. This included the culmination of my final year work receiving great responses. You can check out my work at

Even though I have completed my degree, the hard work has not stopped for myself. I recently helped organise, promote and execute Silicon Canal’s first ever ‘Sink or Swim’ event along with the annual BBQ as part of the BBC Academy’s Digital Cities week in Birmingham. It was a fun and successful event although a little tiring. You can relive the day through this live blog here:  

This was then followed by being commission by Birmingham City University to provide social media coverage for the annual Inspired Festival. Every year, the third year graduates from all the Arts, Design and Media courses celebrate by holding special events around the various campuses to showcase their work. I’m honored that I was asked to do this for the second year running and I was great seeing some of the amazing work created by students across the university. I even picked up a graduate award for myself. 

After all of that I still have been continuing forward. I recently was involved in assisting at a recently Employability event at the universities City South campus.  The aim was to promote and encourage students to take part and help develop their skills through workshops. It was extremely fun and as you can see from the fire walk below, it was character building.

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It won’t stop for the next few weeks either. I have been commissioned for a video project and I’m also applying for my Masters degree. I’m also officially graduating next week and my sister is getting married. When I get back, I will be conducting some experiments into how to capture 360-degree footage using head-mounts. 

So as you can see, just a few good reasons why my blog hasn’t been updated of late. As the weeks go forward however you can expect more blogs from me and I’ll also be working on a few projects that will be added to the site soon. 

It seems fitting that after taking you through my journey over the last few weeks including a firewalk with me, it would be good to end on some more good news. Periscope 360-degree broadcasting now works!!! Check it out for yourself below: 



For now, I’m hot footing it off to try and complete some of these tasks and projects that I have on the go!

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