Dark Realities first impressions

Dark realities is a brand new VR company looking to redefine the way we experience VR outside of the home entertainment environment. 

I was luckily invited to participate in the alpha test day that took place at Grange Live Gaming. The aim of the day was to test out the technology first hand that will be behind the creation of Dark Realities series of immersive VR experiences. 

I interviewed Dark Realities co-founder Kevin Blair who explained in detail about how they are able to utilize customised technology to truly deliver a free-roaming 4D VR experience: 

That the technical side but what was it like to experience the tech in motion? I have experienced a fair few VR apps, games and more through the research and the content creation I have been involved in over the last year and can honestly say this is something else altogether.  

Upon arriving at Grange Live Gaming, I was greeted by the Dark Realities team and taken up to the test area via a creepy service elevator. I have been assured that this will feature in building the atmosphere for those heading towards the main VR experience.  

The back story to Mirror was briefly summarised and it was time to put on the backpack and VR headset, both completely wirelesst. I’ve tested a vast range of VR experiences that have all been reliant on controllers. When I put the headset on for Dark Realities I could instantly see my hands as controllers. It was the weirdest experience as I had free movement in terms of control, something that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. That’s not to say there aren’t other wireless controller methods experiences. For me, it was extremely impressive as it was the first time I had used such a method and the movement in realtime was amazing with barely any latency, something truly impressive. 

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After playing around creating virtual boxes out of thin air with my hands as a controller, it was time to go and do some free-roaming exploring. The first task was to walk through a doorway of fire. Even though I knew nothing would happen and I would be fine, I was still apprehensive about walking through the door. 

virtual view from Kevin Blair on Vimeo.

The portal of fire then transported me into a courtyard of an abandoned town with red clouds looming in the sky. Every fence and tree was a physical object in the space. As I walked through the courtyard I reached out to touch a tree and was greeted by a concrete pillar in the play space. Given that this was an alpha test, the finished experience will include a real-time touchable object that potentially can be manipulated. 

As you walk through you can really sense the atmosphere but most importantly the freedom to move and interact with the world as much as you wish too. I won’t spoil the surprise but expect to have your senses tested while you go through the experience. 


Like I said before I’ve tried quite a number of VR experiences in the past before and I can truly say that the technology even in the alpha stage testing has great potential and it showed through the course of the experience. Dark Realities have the foundations of taking VR experience outside of the home to a level we haven’t seen to date so far. I for one will definitely be keeping my eyes on their progress over the next few months. 

If you want to find out more about Dark Realities you can visit their website at www.darkrealities.com

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook which I highly recommend as the Kickstarter is launching around December the 1st and you will want to be one of the first in line for a ticket. 



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