Birmingham is set to explore new Dark Realities in VR

Tomorrow, Birmingham welcomes the worlds largest 4D free-roaming VR experience courtesy of VR company Dark Realities and Grange Live Gaming

Dark Realities is set to alpha test the first in its series behind closed doors at Grange Live Gaming. 

The first experience is titled Mirror and promises to shake the very foundations of collaborative teamwork in an immersive experience. 

While the initial experience won’t be open to the general public immediately, Dark Realities is launching a Kickstarter campaign on December 1st.

The experience will be able to run for 60 days. That’s 6720 tickets available in total or another way of looking at it is 1680 awesome team building VR experiences. Make sure you keep updated when the Kickstarter campaign launches.

If you want to find out more about Dark Realities and the Mirror experience please visit

I will also be attending the alpha test and will be sharing my thoughts on the experience so check back tomorrow for more details. In the meantime, check out this short teaser for Mirror: 



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