Birmingham City University student takes part in UK Young Artist festival

In early November, the UK young artists National festival was held in Derby. The festival is designed to encourage and promote young artists and creative industries that contribute to the UK economy.  By fostering and recognising talent, the festival offers an outlet for collaboration and is actively promoting these core values. This year’s festival featured many aspiring young artists including Birmingham City University Fine Art student Evi Pangestu. We met up with Evi to find out more about her artwork and experience exhibiting at the UKYA festival in Derby:
Hi my name is Evi Pangestu, I’m 23 and I’m currently doing a BA (Honours) in Fine Art at the Margaret Street Campus of Birmingham City University.
How would you describe your artwork and what would you say your style or method of art is?
 My artwork relates strongly with my everyday life. I paint/make art from what I experience and/or find interesting in my surroundings, it can be from something I often do, my personal space, places I visit, closest people, really can be anything that relates to my daily activities.
 It also is not necessarily made at the exact same moment. I always take pictures and use it as the supporting material.
I think my style is very much influenced by pop-art and some Young British Artists. I use a wide variety of colours in my art. I love how colours can translate and visually be formed into representations of feelings and emotions which can be seen in my work.
What inspired your interest in art and led to you studying fine art
I really like to draw since I was a kid. Art was always my favourite subject in school. It’s my passion and I just knew since so long that it is what I really wanted to do because I love it. It’s the perfect major for me.
You recently exhibited some of your work as part of the UK Young Artists festival in Derby. Tell us about your exhibitions and how did you become involved with UKYA?

I exhibited my latest series ‘Archives of Everyday Colours’ in Derby Market Hall. It’s about an experimentation on colour relationships, how they relate to certain emotions that are produced by various situations. 

It was based on colour combinations theory made by a Japanese Colorist, Shigenobu Kobayashi on his book ‘Color Image Scale’.

I was searching for exhibition and residencies opportunities online and found them. I think I first saw it on Facebook, so yeah I sent my application and they got back to me in (i think) around two months, emailing me that my work has been selected for the festival.

How did it make you feel about being selected for the festival?
Very grateful. It was such a wonderful surprise and I feel truly honoured to be given the opportunity to take part in the festival.
Is this the first time your work had featured in a festival or exhibition?
No. I’ve been actively exhibiting my work since 2011. I also had exhibited my work in a festival before, but UKYA is the first big and widely known festival where I  have exhibited my work.
How have you found the process of exhibiting your work and how important to you is it to have your work featured in exhibitions?
So far I have found it can be quite overwhelming, nerve wrecking, but also exciting! I think it’s really important for artists to exhibit their work.
For me it’s an interesting chance in getting to know more about how I should improve in my practice; by seeing my work being seen by the audiences, meet people and learn how to explain my work in person, and many other things.
Most importantly is publication. Exhibitions are necessary for introducing and communicating my work to the public.
 How important do you think it is to hold festivals like UKYA? Do you think that festivals such as this are needed to encourage young artists?
Very important and absolutely needed. It is a great way of supporting young and emerging artists, to help them and their talent gets exposed to the world. It also helps to expand their network by meeting other young artists and inspiring one another.
The final question, what is next for you as an artist?
 I’m going to plan for a solo exhibition while also focus on finishing my study. I’m also open for other opportunities that might come in the future. Just keep making art at the moment.
Ten of the artists in this year’s festival will be selected to represent the UK at the Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée which will be held in Tirana, Albania in 2017.
You can follow Evi’s professional progress via her website
Evi can also be found via social media on Instagram and Twitter via @evipangestu

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