Michael Smitprofile-pictureh is a current third-year student of Birmingham City University Media and Communications degree. Specialising in Journalism, Michael is often finding new and creative ways to engage and tell news stories through different mediums. He is often found experimenting with new technologies and the latest apps. Outside of his studies, Michael is often engaging in communities projects that range in genre from the creative arts through to technology.

One of the projects he is involved with is Silicon Canal, a community interest community that is committed to creating a world-class technology eco-system within Birmingham, UK.

Michael also offers social media based strategy training to his fellow students and assists with various student projects. He is also the technology editor at Birminghameastside.com. Michael regularly publishes content for a variety of organisations and across various different online platforms and occasionally freelances as a consultant for various areas of the media.

As part of his third-year media project, Michael has become the co-founder of New Reality Network. The project is designed to educate and inform media workers and industry on how to create 360-degree content and VR along with other emerging future technologies such as augmented reality. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Michael hopes to move on to completing an MA in Multiplatform and mobile journalism.

Michael is always looking for new collaborative projects and is always open to new working relationships and projects. Please feel free to contact him directly via social media or through the contact form via this site.