Prisma app turns Birmingham into art

Pokemon Go might have been the biggest mobile app release so far this year, however, another app recently released is gaining a similar sized following. The new app is called Prisma and is a photography based app.

What makes Prisma unique from other photography apps is its ability to turn your photos into real art. The app allows you use existing photos or brand new ones. You then simply apply a filter and within a short space of time.

The app works by uploading your picture to the Prisma servers, it is then scanned and the filter you have chosen is applied based on the results the scan. It is then sent back to your mobile device.

You are then free to choose whether to download the photo onto your phone or share it instantly with your Facebook friends and Instagram followers.

We put the app to the test by taking pictures of iconic locations around Birmingham and applied several of the different filters. The results can be seen in the gallery below:

We have also included a short video to help you get started with using the Prisma app:

You can download the app here for both iOS / Android 

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